Howe Wild Native Plant Sale 2018

Native Plant Sale, Saturday, April 14, 2018,Cheekwood Botanic Hall 9:30-1:30. 

From spring blooming wild flowers to shrubs, vines, and small trees, you are sure to find the perfect plants for your garden!



The object of the Garden Club of Nashville is to promote interest in gardens, their design, culture and management, and to cooperate in the protection of wild flowers, native plants, trees, birds and in the interest of civic affairs. As a member club of The Garden Club of America, it is also our purpose to cooperate with the goals of The Garden Club of America.




The Garden Club of Nashville is delighted to announce the renovation of our beloved Howe Garden.   "Wildings" was originally moved from East Nashville in 1968 from the garden of the late Mrs. Harry A. Howe. Under the guidance of Page/Duke Landscape, the Howe Garden is getting a fresh face for


Seedlings & Tidbits

Give up Plastics for Lint!

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