In 2016, The Garden Club of Nashvile Community Fund is pleased to grant the following:

$4,600 to Monroe Harding to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their community vegetable garden, which is maintained by staff, volunteers and the young men in the their residential Cooperative Living program.  After harvesting produce, the youth help with food preparation and learn about healthy meal planning and cooking.

$2,500 to fund a joint proposal from the Cumberland River Compact and Thistle Farms to add rain water harvesting system with overflow to the Thistle Farms garden and thus create sustainable garden within the stressed Richland Creek watershed.

$900 to Faith Family Medical Center to buy the supplies needed to offer container gardening classes onsite to their patients.

$500 to MBA Student Garden Club to plant a community garden and provide healthy food to members in the community in need which will be distributed through the Nashville Food Project.